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6歳からピアノとダンスを習い、その頃からHIP HOPカルチャーに興味を持つようになる。
Billboard Japan やオリコンチャートで1位を獲得した作品 (RIAJ トリプル・プラチナ/ ダブル・プラチナディスク認定作品) は多数に渡り、
2023年に手がけたSixTONESの「ABARERO」はBillboard Japan の Top Single sales チャートで1位を獲得。
また同年にラテン界のトッププロデューサー、Tainyのアルバム『DATA』の1曲目「obstáculo」を共同プロデュースし、そのアルバムは全米11位を記録している。(U.S. Billboard 200で初登場11位)

Tokyo native TOMOKO IDA is the most sought after female music producer in Japan. Since signing with Sony Music Publishing as a music producer in 2016, TOMOKO has produced many of the top artists in Japan and Korea, such as AI,Daichi Miura,SixTONES, EXILE TRIBE, SUNMI, and many more. Numerous singles and albums with her productions have ranked #1 on the Billboard Japan and Oricon charts (RIAJ Triple Platinum and Double Platinum Disc certified works), including SixTONES’ “ABARERO”,”1ST”, “love u...”, and “Lost City”.She also creates instrumental dance tracks for large scale concerts such as EXILE TRIBE’s domestic arena and stadium tours.

TOMOKO began playing piano at the age of 6 at the behest of her mother, who is a music teacher. Having discovered Hip-Hop at the age of 7, she is heavily inspired by 90’s Hip-Hop artists, such as Swizz Beatz, DJ Premier, Dr. Dre, and many more. In 2008, she ventured to New York City for a year and a half as a student.

After returning to Japan, she made her major debut as female duo “@djtomoko n Ucca-Laugh”. Their EP Girls, don’t kill your time reached #1 on iTunes Japan’s Hip-Hop chart in 2014. She was also featured AKAI’s official videos for the MPC Renaissance. In 2018, her first solo instrumental track “soumei” gained over 500k streams in its first year on Spotify.TOMOKO has performed for audiences for several countries, such as in London, Ho Chi Minh, Taipei and across Japan.

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